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Man Breaks Into Rowlett Home, Leaves Naked Photos Behind

October 3, 2018

Police are going door-to-door in Rowlett seeking any information about a man who broke into a local home, relieved himself in the owner's bedroom, and left photos of his genitalia behind at the scene.

Detective Cruz Hernandez said, "We took a secondary look at the crime scene today and we're not going to leave any stone unturned."  Police say the burglar entered the home on Eton Drive through a window last Wednesday.  The homeowner left for work around 6 that morning, and returned around 7 that night to find her bedroom in disarray.  Detective Hernandez said, "This is a red flag for us.  The intent that we find in this type of burglary is an intent to harm.  It can escalate to something physical.  She doesn't know if someone is stalking her.  She's upset she can't go back to her house.  Her world is upside down by this incident right now.  Who knows when she'll be able to walk around and feel normal again and not worry that someone's watching her."

The burglar took several items from her home, the police did not specify what, used a Polaroid camera to take pictures of his naked self, and left graphic handwritten messages about returning to the house.  "He indicated in his notes that he was infatuated with her and that he had been following her and watching her," Hernandez said.

The victim lives in the house with a family friend, but only her bedroom was ransacked.  Nothing else appeared to be stolen from anywhere else in the home according to police.