Police Officer with doughnuts

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Man Shatters Window At Sheriffs Office, Offers Deputies Doughnuts As Peace Offering

July 1, 2019

If you plan on going to jail for whatever reason, be sure to bring a box of fresh doughnuts with you. 

One man in King County, Washington thought he was doing the right thing when he decided to turn himself in before doing something really dumb. The 26-year-old man shattered the front window of the sheriff’s office and waited inside for deputies to arrive and arrest him. 

According to the sheriff's office Facebook post, when deputies arrived they found him smoking a cigar in the back room watching TV with his feet propped up. 

The suspect said he was responsible for shattering the window and that he would rather go to jail for breaking into the storefront than “kill his roommate.” Before breaking the window he stopped by the local grocery store and bought a box of fresh doughnuts for the officers as a peace offering. 

The doughnuts didn’t exactly help his case. He did get what he asked for and was booked on investigation of malicious mischief and trespassing. 

Via: New York Post