Alligator Gar


Man Reels In An 8-Foot Alligator Gar In The Trinity River

July 14, 2018

Last weekend 43-year-old part-time fishing guide Bubba Bedre pulled in one huge catch. 

Bubba reeled in an alligator gar that measured in at 8-foot, all while fishing with a client in Trinity River. When reeling it in he thought his line had got caught on a log. It took Bubba just over 30 minutes to reel in the fish.

Bubba says that he had hooked the fish earlier that day but it had snapped the line. He told Fox 4 News that this isn’t the first time he’s seen this massive fish. "I ended up hooking that fish up about five years ago. It did the same thing and ended up breaking my line. We couldn't catch it at that time."

When Bubba weighed the fish, it came in between 230 and 250 pounds. Bubba wouldn't give away the exact location where he caught the alligator gar, just that it was on the Trinity River between Dallas and Palestine. “I get lots of people that follow me around wherever I go. It’s getting worse and worse every year. If I put exactly where I was at then there’d be 20 boats there tomorrow.”

Check out Bubbas catch in the Facebook post below. 

Via: FOX 4 News