Alligator Gar, Fish, Beach

(Photo via Dreamstime)

Man Catches Giant 8 Ft., 260 Pound Alligator Gar In Trinity River

May 24, 2018

It look Lance Stephens almost an hour to wrangle this fish in.  

The Tarkington resident said, "I usually turn fish loose after I land them but I am having this one mounted."  If there was ever an exception to his usual standard practice, it would definitely be for this fish.  Stephens would not reveal the exact location of his catch, but he said it was somewhere "on the Trinity River south of Highway 59."  There, Stephens caught a gigantic Alligator Gar, measuring 8'4" and weighing in at a cool 264 pounds.

Believe it or not, as impressive as Stephens' haul was, it's not a record for the state.  The largest alligator gar pulled on record with the Texas Parks and Wildlife was a 279 pound fella caught in 1951. 

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