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Doctor Cracks Knuckles For 60 Years To Prove It Doesn't Cause Arthritis

August 15, 2018

It's something our mothers always warned us about, but it is simply not true.

Cracking your knuckles will not give you arthritis.  In fact, there's no evidence that cracking your knuckles does any damage to your joints at all!  The only thing cracking your knuckles does is kind of annoy people.  It's a harsh sound, but has absolutely "no association whatsoever with joint inflammation," according to studies conducted at Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

Donald L. Unger wanted to take his study to the next level, however.  He decided to crack his knuckles over a set period of time.  So for 60 YEARS, he cracked the knuckles on his left hand.  He kept his right hand "uncracked."  After 60 years, he tested to see the progression of arthritis in both hands.  Unger found that arthritis progressed the same amount in both hands.

For those curious, researchers believe the sound knuckles make when cracking is due to either the creation of, or busting of, gas bubbles.  The question is highly debated in the scientific community, but it all boils down to once again, humans being unable to control their gas.

Via Business Insider