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Spider Trapped Under iMac Screen Is Apple's Most Annoying Computer Bug

July 25, 2018

If this is Apple's latest feature, score one for PC users everywhere.

Apple user Timothy Buchanan posted a quick video online showing that his iMac computer was invaded by a little, tiny spider, a spider that wound up directly under his screen.  At first, he thought it may have been a digital spider, the result of some prank being pulled.  No, this spider was very real, and it was very stuck under his iMac's screen.

Buchanan believes the spider made its way in through the computer's rear vents, and is not the first time Apple has seen this sort of problem.  He said in the video, "It definitely seems like something that Apple should have foreseen as a possibility and taken preventative measures.  I can't be the first (or last) person this has happened to."

Hopefully, Apple send an arachnid technician out to this home right away!

Via NY Post