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Man Goes To Police For Advice On How To Break Up With Girlfriend

March 29, 2018

<p>A man in Germany had no idea had to break up with his girlfriend. &nbsp;</p><p>He said he "just didn't understand her anymore," and was ready to end it, but he needed some help. &nbsp;So where do distressed citizens turn too in their time of need, especially for such a personal matter? &nbsp;That's right, the police! &nbsp;The 34-year-old walked to his local police station earlier in the week and presented his problem to several officers. &nbsp;And believe it or not, he actually found some advice!</p><p>One of the female officers pulled him aside and gave the man several options with which to choose from. &nbsp;The police would not reveal the exact advice given to the gentleman, but made it very clear that he&nbsp;was the one that had to do the breaking up. &nbsp;The police reported afterwards, "We are willing to advise, but we can not close the deal. &nbsp;We help everyone, and we always have an open ear for citizens' concerns."</p><p>Whether or not the man took the officer's advice is unknown.</p><p>Via <a href="http://www.dw.com/en/ludwigshafen-police-officer-helps-clueless-boyfrien... target="_blank">DW</a></p>