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Man Issued Speeding Tickets From Speed Camera Despite Car Always Being Parked

April 12, 2018

If you've ever been caught and fined by a speed camera while driving, we feel your pain.  They're a giant nuisance, and the argument still exists that they are nothing more than a money grub for the city.

Nobody feels that better than New Orleans resident Donald Schultz.  Since 2011, he has received ten speeding citations from the city, despite his Nissan Frontier ALWAYS being parked.  He parks his vehicle in front of his house, and when cars speed past the limit of 35mph, the cameras read his stationary truck rather than the moving car.  TEN tickets in seven years, and each time, Schultz has to venture down to City Hall to get the ticket overturned.  The most recent ticket was triggered by a speeding New Orleans police officer, and Schultz still got stuck with a citation.  

What's really annoying about this whole situation, is two separate pairs of eyes have to verify the citation each time.  When the speed camera registers a vehicle moving too fast, it must first be approved by a technician and then a New Orleans police officer.  Two separate people are routinely ignoring the details of these citations and blindly issuing Schultz speeding tickets.

New Orleans as a city has had quite the problem with speed cameras as of late.  A recent ruling ordered the city to pay upwards of $25.6 million back to more than 200,000 residents who were issued citations from red light cameras.  The program was considered being shut down, but officials were able to prove safety was the motivating factor behind the cameras, and they ALSO brought in $23 million to the city every year.  Schultz put it best saying, "If it were in front of the mayor's house he'd take care of it."

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