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Man Levies $2 Million Lawsuit Against Former Supervisor For Repeatedly "Holding Him Down And Farting On Him"

April 11, 2018

David Hingst, levied a lawsuit against his former employer at Construction Engineering Australia, specifically his supervisor, who he accused of repeatedly abusing him through "malicious farting."

Hingst alleged that his former supervisor, Greg Short, would "hold him down and fart on him" repeatedly, causing severe depression, anxiety and physical injuries.  Hingst sued for $1.8 million, telling the Australian courts Short would "lift his bum and fart" on or near him almost daily.  Short did admit that he definitely remembered farting, but couldn't recall "thrusting his backside directly at Hingst to deliberately offend him."

Unfortunately for Hingst, the judge dismissed the case, as farting in the office is "not bullying and just part of Australian humor."  Short believes there may have been some cultural misunderstanding due to Hingst being German, and not understanding that farting is how Australians tell jokes.  Short says, "I knew that [Hingst] took quite offense to it and I – to be honest at the time I didn't’t understand, but then obviously realizing it was [Hingst] being [of] German descent, whereas us Australians are sort of brought up you sort of accept it or think oh it’s just – that’s what happens.”

At one point, Hingst started calling Short "Mr. Stinky" and sprayed him with deodorant.  The trial lasted 18 days with over 15 witnesses.  Because of farting.

Via Business Insider