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Man Poops On Other Person During Road Rage Incident

June 11, 2018

During a fit of road rage, a 69 year old man in Pennsylvania has been charged with harassment after he allegedly defecated on the other person.  

Henry George Weaver said the bowel movement happened because of an unfortunate medical condition he suffers from that only happens when he gets angry.

“I’ve put up with it for years,” said Weaver.  “You get worked up and you’re going to have to go … I couldn’t control my bowels. And he was right there. And it’s just as simple as that.”

Apparently, Weaver was on his way to the doctor’s that morning when another driver aggitated him after pulling out in front of his car.  He followed the other driver to an intersection, they got out of their cars and jumped into a heated argument.  

There weren't any punches thrown, but they did get close to it.  And that's when it happened, right on the other driver's leg.  “He was right against me,” Weaver said. “I had to drop it. … He just got me worked up. Something was going to happen. I could have easily have missed him if I had turned around but it happened then.”

“I’m not proud of it,” he continued. “I messed up. It happens.”  

-source via nypost.com