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Man Purchases $350 Million Winning Powerball After Going To The Store To Return Juice That Wasn't On Sale

June 11, 2018

Tayeb Souami just needed to return a $5 bottle of Orange Juice.  

His wife found the same bottle of juice elsewhere for $2.50, so she insisted he return it to save the couple extra dollars.  Fellas, take note.  Always listen to your wives, because when Souami was at the store returning the juice, he noticed a Powerball sign advertising the current $305 lottery prize.  He decided to purchase a couple of tickets with the cash he received from returning the juice.  

The next day, he was out washing his car when he decided to check his lottery tickets.  The first ticket won nothing.  The second told him to see the cashier.  After the scanning the ticket, the cashier said "Oh my God," according to Souami.  His hear began racing and he inquired about his ticket.  When the cashier finally responded, she simply said, "big."  

It took him over two hours to get home his hands were shaking so much.  He broke down in front of his wife while showing her the winning ticket.  All in all, he took home the $183 million cash payout.  All because his wife wanted to save less than $3.  

Since winning, Souami has quit his job, but wanted to make sure the more than 200 people he works with would be taken care of.  With his winnings, Souami plans to pay off his college loans, pay for his daughter's schooling next year, and pay of his home, which he just recently refinanced.  In a press conference, Souami said, "I love orange juice now."

Via ABC News