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Man Sands Calluses Off Foot With Power Tool While Riding On Train

October 8, 2018

Candy Hatsune Wolff was enjoying a ride on the New Jersey Transit train when began hearing a strange noise.  It sounded like some sort of electric machinery.

That's when she looked over and saw it.  A fellow passenger decided this was the perfect time for a little makeshift pedicure.  He had his bare foot hiked up on his knee, and he was sanding his calluses with a power tool.  So not only was the noise of the electric machinery filling the cabin, but everybody sitting in there had to deal with the smell of dead foot being sanded away.


Wolff mentioned however that she didn't see any foot particles lying on the floor after he left the train, so at least he cleaned up!  Still gross, but at least considerate!

Via NJ.com