(Photo by Gabe Hernandez/Caller-Times via USA TODAY NETWORK)

Man Returns Collection Of 150 Whataburger Table Tents Before Getting Married

June 18, 2018

Ahead of his wedding just a week away, San Antonio man Joseph Mora decided it was best to finally part with one of his most cherished collections.

After all, he was moving into a new apartment with his soon-to-be-bride, and letting go of relics of your childhood always seem to be part of growing up.  Whataburger was one of the few spots open late, so Mora would always find himself there hanging out with his brothers and friends.  Through the visits, he obtained quite the collection of Whataburger table tents.  He told mySA.com, "We'd go every night, we were night owls.  We would just go and the night shift would leave the numbers at our table, my collection just kind of grew pretty quickly."

So Mora collected himself, and traveled to his Whataburger in La Vernia with a plastic bag full of the 150 Whataburger table tents he's collected over the years.  

Whataburger reached out to Mora after he posted the video, and even sent he and his new wife a ton of free swag in celebration of their wedding.  The restaurant affectionately called the couple Mr. and Mrs. Whataburglar.

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