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Man Returns Long Overdue Library Book That His Mom First Checked Out 84 Years Ago

October 8, 2018

The Shreve Memorial Library only charges $.05 a day for an overdue book.  And luckily, they cap their overdue fees at a max of $3.

An unknown man recently returned a copy of Spoon River Anthologyby Edgar Lee Masters to the library that was a bit overdue.  Only by 84 years, though.  His mother originally checked out the book, and it was originally due "April 14, 1934" according to the stamped library card that accompanied the book.  Had the library not capped their fines at $3, over 84 years the book accumulated over $1,500 in late fees!

As for the book, the binding was loose and since it's rather old, the library decided to decomission it.  But it had a good run, at least.

Via NY Post