Zombies, Brains,

(Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)

Man Selling Cottage That Includes "30 Day Zombie-Free Guarantee"

March 15, 2018

Matthew Swan is desperately trying to sell his cottage. 

It has five bedrooms, a loft and bunkie, two kitchens and baths, and is located on a sandy beach with a gorgeous view of the water.  It comfortably sleeps 26 people, but Swan still has not been able to find a buyer.  So desperate times call for desperate measures.  Near the cottage's location, along Highway 12 just north of Brechin, Ontario, Swan placed a billboard advertising the cottage as having a "30-day Zombie-Free Guarantee."  After those 30 days, "the new owner will have to follow their own protocol to ensure the Z-Free status," says Swan.  "But I will go over it in detail with them.  Plus it comes with a manual,” he continued.

He even created a website for his cottage, but still some people are wary about investing in the 3,100 square-foot property.  Swan believes it may be because of the cottage's remote location in the middle of Kahshe Lake, but he wants everyone to know this is clearly to their advantage.  "Zombies can't swim because they're full of holes so they walk along the water.  It slows them down and gives you a little more time to prepare."

The cottage is available for a list price of $869,000.

Via The Toronto Star