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Man Dreams About Being Lucky Then Proceeds To Win A Million Dollar Scratch Off

December 2, 2018

The next time you have a dream about being lucky or winning something big, you might not want to ignore it.  

This week a 52 year old man in Maryland just won a million dollars off of a scratch off ticket.  Now while that isn't completely uncommon, what led up to the win is what's most fascinating about it. 

Apparently, he had a dream about some kind of symbol that he took to be very lucky in the dream and felt like he was about to win something.  After waking up the next day feeling extremely lucky, he decided to head over to a local conveinent store near by and bought a Max A Million scratch off ticket.  After playing the ticket when he got home he claims he couldn't believe nor interpret what he saw.  

After returning to the store, that's when the clerk confirmed it was in fact a $1 million winner.  "I cannot believe it," the man said. "I am getting happy, happy, happy!"

The lucky winner said that after paying off his son's college tuition he's putting the rest into savings.  

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