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Mario Kart Style Go-Kart Racing Is Coming To Dallas In 2019

October 17, 2018

Just about every kid grew up playing some form of Mario Kart, whether it was on the Wii, GameCube, or 64; we all wished real go-karting was more like Mario Kart. 

Well, wish granted America. A real-life Mario Kart style go-kart race is coming in 2019.

The Mushroom Rally is a Mario Kart themed go-kart race that’s heading to Dallas next April. You’ll be able to dress up as your favorite characters (costumes provided) and race other participants for prizes on a colorfully themed track for 30-minutes.

The event will take place for one day, on a yet to be determined track. Tickets are not yet available for purchase and are only limited to 600 per city. Participants will get a chance to win multiple prizes on the day of the event. One winner from each city will be flown out to Las Vegas for a chance to race in the Grand Finale for the grand prize. 

Other cities participating in the event include Denver, Los Angles, and Houston. A lot of details surrounding the event are still unclear, you can sign up for updates on their website.

Via: GuideLive