Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and George Lucas

Photo Credit: F. Sadou/AdMedia

Mark Hamill Shares Touching Photo Of What A Han & Luke Reunion Could Have Looked Like

March 10, 2019

If you can’t afford a picture with Mark Hamill while he’s at a convention, that’s okay you can always visit his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame instead. 

Just about every fan can agree that the number one thing missing from Star Wars The Force Awakens was a Luke Skywalker and Han Solo reunion. We were all deprived of seeing what could have a very emotional moment in the film.

Now, thanks to Mark Hamill and his love for all us Star Wars fans he shared a photo of the closest thing to a Han & Luke reunion. 

Mark Hamill posted a photo on Twitter of him and his friend Harrison Ford hugging it out during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. Hamill captioned his post "What a Han/Luke reunion might have been like..." The picture is over a year old and is bringing fans to tears. Check out the picture below. 

Don’t you wish we could have seen the two together one more time in Episode VII? Hamill has said that we’ll get to see Luke Skywalker one last time in Star Wars Episode IX. 

Via: Digital Spy