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Alexa Coming Soon To Your Glasses, Earbuds, And More!

Bringing Alexa Outside Of Your Home

October 3, 2019

Amazon is going to soon make Alexa available to you wherever you go! on Wednesday Amazon announced wireless earbuds, prescription glasses, and a finger ring.

A personal technology analyst at Gartner, Werner Goertz said  "You can have Alexa with you 24/7,".  

With the EcoBuds you can ask Alexa where the nearest store is at if you are in a whole foods you can ask Alexa what isle you can find the kale at. 

With the Eco Frame glasses you can tap the button on the frames to talk to Alexa just like the Echo ring but only limited will be sold because they want to test it and perfect it then bring more of the products out.

On top of that Samuel L, Jackson will be the first celebrity voice added to Alexa with more new voices coming later.