Survivalist Bear Grylls Went Into Anaphylactic Shock After Bee Sting

The TV Host Had To Be Saved By Medics While Filming ‘Treasure Island’

August 30, 2019

Anthony Devlin / Stringer

When it comes to nature, TV host Bear Grylls has just about seen it all. The survivalist has made a career of taking on some of the most terrifying things nature has to offer. Yet, when Grylls was filming his show, ‘Treasure Island,’ it was a bee sting that sent him into anaphylactic shock, and almost cost him his life.

Bear Grylls was filming ‘Treasure Island’ on a remote island in the Pacific when the TV host was stung by a bee. At first, Grylls continued filming, but as his face swelled up it became clear he needed medical help. From the bee sting, Grylls went into anaphylactic shock, and was saved by a medic with an Epi-Pen.

According to Mano Shanmug-anathan, a brain surgeon on the island, many were shocked it was a bee sting that almost took out Bear Grylls. “The irony of Bear the survivalist being stung, having the potential of an allergic reaction, and needing to be treated with an Epi-Pen, was a bizarre moment.”

It seemed many fans agreed they did not expect a bee sting to have this kind of impact on Bear Grylls. Thankfully, Grylls is now okay, and has updated his fans on his current status. Luckily, Grylls will continue his work as a survivalist, and ‘Treasure Island’ can be seen next month, but at least the bee was able to knock Grylls down a couple pegs.

Via Yahoo!