[Video] Life Like Mona Lisa, Created By AI, Is Extremely Terrifying

Engineers Created What’s Known As A Deep Fake To Make The Famous Image Move As A Human

May 28, 2019

Pascal Le Segretain / Staff

The Mona Lisa is one of the most recognizable faces in the world. Now, thanks to science that face has come to life in the most terrifying way. Scientist from the Samsung AI Center used artificial intelligence to give the Mona Lisa some new facial expressions.

In a video explaining how the researchers used artificial intelligence to make the famous painting come to life, three separate clips are shown of the Mona Lisa moving her lips and turning her head. The moving image was created using a convolutional neural network, which is a type of AI that processes information like the human brain, in order to analyze and process images.

While that may be confusing to most people, almost everyone can agree the images it created are a bit terrifying. The engineers behind the project also created moving animations for Albert Einstein Marilyn Monroe and Salvador Dali.

These originals are known as deep fakes are extremely hard to produce, as the human head is geometrically complex. While their results are quite impressive, it doesn’t stop the video from being extremely creepy!

Via Live Science