[Video] Delta Passenger Gets Flight All To Himself

Director Vincent Peone Shared A Video Of The Experience, But All The Internet Cared About Was His Attractive Pilot

August 13, 2019

Mario Tama / Staff

Everyone dreams of getting on a plane, and no one is sitting in the seat next to them, but imagine getting the whole plane to yourself. That’s exactly what happened to director Vincent Peone this week. Normally reserved for private planes, Peone got the chance to fly on a Delta plane solo after he learned he was the flights only passenger.

Vincent Peone was traveling from Aspen, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah on Monday, but when he arrived at the gate for his rescheduled Delta flight, he noticed he was the only one there. Peone shared the experience in a video posted to his twitter page, and quickly went viral. The video was viewed over 800,000 times by Tuesday morning.

While plenty of people fantasize of the day they can get even a little bit of extra space on a flight, many were distracted by something else in the video. The internet being the internet, people quickly flocked to comment on the appearance of the co-pilot, who showed up in the video for a moment at the end of the clip.

Plenty of people were distracted by the attractive co-pilot, with some even reaching out to Delta to see if the pilot was single. Delta of course was just happy director Vincent Peone shared his wonderful experience. Hopefully this leads to more solo flights for customers in the future.

Via Fox News