Florida Man Pries Open Alligator’s Jaws To Save Dog

The Man Suffered Minor Injuries, But Both Him And His Dog Are Safe

August 5, 2019


People will do crazy things in order to save their pets, even taking on an alligator. A Florida man was injured recently after he jumped into a canal to save his dog from an alligator. Both the man and the dog were injured, but will be okay.

The Florida man, located in Sarasota County, had heard a commotion outside his home on Friday. When he went to check it out, he saw his chocolate lab in the canal along with the alligator. Without thinking, the man quickly jumped in the canal and pried the gator’s jaws open to save his dog.

While both the dog and the man had minor injuries, both would be okay, and the man was able to take his dog to the veterinarian after the incident. A trapper arrived at the scene later to capture the gator, measuring it at nine feet and nine inches long.

Via mysuncoast.com