[Video] Florida Woman Spots Alligator Climbing Fence

The Alligator Was On Base At The Naval Air Station In Jacksonville

August 23, 2019


Coming across an alligator can be frightening, but seeing an alligator climb a fence may just be the scariest animal encounter possible. A woman in Florida dealt with that fear recently when she spotted an alligator climbing a chain link fence at Naval Air Station Jacksonville. The now viral video of the climbing gator has been shared over 4,000 times.

Christina Stewart was at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville on Saturday, when someone let her know there was an alligator on the base. After getting to the alligators area, she noticed it attempting to climb a chain link fence. She immediately went to Facebook to share the video saying, “When someone says there is [an> alligator on base of course I have to go see and glad I did got to watch him or her crawl over the gate and disappear so neat.”

Despite the concern from some on the internet, the air station says they have no plans to remove the alligator until it poses a threat. Luckily, it is staying fenced in for now, but anyone in Florida should now be on alert for climbing gators.