Fox CEO Announces Emmy Awards Will Not Have A Host This Year

It Will Be The First time Since 2003 The Emmy Awards Don’t Have A Host

August 7, 2019

Sipa USA

The Emmy Awards are officially taking a page out of the Oscars handbook, and going without a host for this year’s award show. On Wednesday, Fox CEO, Charlie Collier, announced there will not be a host for the first time since 2003. The Emmy Awards are airing on Fox next month.

Speaking during Fox’s Television Critics Association tour, Charlie Collier said of the award show, “We’re so proud to host the Emmys. … Our job is how to assess how to elevate the program.” The award show rotates between Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS each year, with the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards airing this year on Fox.

According to Collier, this move was done to dedicate more time to give proper send offs to shows that ended this year, such as Veep, Game of Thrones and Empire. “We’ve had a lot of names on the board, but the conclusion was reached [by the producers> in this year when we’re highlighting so many shows that are going away, it would be a strategic use [of the Emmys> to celebrate the shows that are going away,” said Collier.

While plenty of names were floated to fill the host role, the success of the Oscars this year without a host, ultimately led to the decision to focus on content this year at the Emmy Awards. The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards will air on Fox September 22nd. It will be the first time the show will not have a host since 2003, and many fans are looking forward to it.

Via People