Lego Announces ‘Friends’ Themed Central Perk Lego Set

The Special Lego Set Is In Honor Of The Show’s 25th Anniversary

August 8, 2019

Vince Bucci / Stringer

Fans of ‘Friends’ are still just as obsessed with the show as they were when the show began 25 years ago. Thanks to streaming, ‘Friends’ fandom isn’t going anywhere, and Lego seems to agree. In honor of the show’s 25th anniversary, Lego announced a Central Perk themed Lego set due out in time for the show’s anniversary in September.

‘Friends’ ran for 10 seasons, airing 236 episodes and much of that time saw the characters interacting at their local coffee shop, Central Perk. The iconic coffee shop was picked by Lego’s panel back in February. The design has been tweaked a bit to make it more retail-friendly.

The Lego set is 1070 pieces, including 15 coffee cups, and includes the outside of Central Perk, logo included, along with the stage Phoebe performed ‘Smelly Cat’ on right inside the doorway. Once inside the orange couch the group would convene at is surrounded by even more show references.

Fans clearly can’t wait to get their hands on this ‘Friends’ Lego set. Not only does the set come with the Central Perk setting, but each of the main characters has their own pieces with identifiable objects. Now the only question that remains is; which iconic 90’s television series will be next?

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