Austin Brewery Releases New “Freak Power” Beer Inspired By Hunter S. Thompson

The Beer Will Coincide With The Brewery’s Voter Registration Events

July 5, 2019

Austin’s own Independence Brewing Co. has done it again, this time introducing the world to a new beer that coincides with the brewery’s voter registration events. Freak Power is a blood-orange infused hefeweizen that was inspired by none other than Hunter S. Thompson. The beer is currently being sold at a number of locations.

Freak Power was inspired by Hunter S. Thompson’s “freak party” political party, which he launched in 1970 during his run for sheriff in Aspen, Colorado. The beer has similar qualities to most summer wheat beers. It has hints of clove and banana, with tart citrus and orange peel qualities. The tangy blood orange flavor, and touch of earthiness, gives Freak Power its dry finish.

The beers rollout coincides with Independence Brewing Co.’s upcoming voter registration event happening all throughout Texas. The events will take place in five different cities, including Dallas and Ft Worth. Those events will take place later this summer.

Independence Brewing Co. was created in 2004 by Amy Cartwright and her husband, Rob. It is one of Austin’s oldest breweries, and with their newest beer, they are hoping to have an impact in the next election.

Via GuideLive