Popular Daffodil Field In California Closes Due To Too Many Instagrammers

The Owners Of Daffodil Hill Say They Couldn’t Handle The Hordes Of People Seeking Photos

September 2, 2019

As the world seeks to take the perfect photo, that garners the most social media interest, one popular tourist attraction in California has had enough. The owners of a California super bloom hot spot, Daffodil Hill, posted on their Facebook page, letting visitors know they are closed indefinitely. According to their post, the closing is due to a lack of infrastructure to handle the large amounts of people seeking photos of the flowers.

In their post, The Ryan family, who owns Daffodil Hill, wrote “This decision is the most difficult that we, as a family, have ever made.” Thanks to the hordes of people that visiting the hill this year, the family realized they didn’t have proper parking or local road infrastructure, and it became a “liability.”

Safety concerns for visitors has caused the hill to close indefinitely, and the family “carefully examined numerous potential remedies to reduce traffic and visitors to try and keep the Hill open, including shuttles and reservations for attendance.” In the end, it was too many people to handle, as many were parked illegally and obstructed pedestrians. It seems Instagrammers will just have to found another daffodil hill for their perfect photo.

Via Fox News