INXS Founding Member Andrew Farriss Releases Country Video

Farriss’ song ‘Come Midnight’ Was Inspired by His Wife, Marlina

August 13, 2019

Mark Metcalfe / Stringer

INXS founding member, Andrew Farriss, recently released some new music, but the style may come as a surprise to fans. Farriss, who was the main songwriter for INXS, and is in the Australian songwriters Hall of Fame decided to go back to his roots for his new song ‘Come Midnight.’ Check out the music video below.

The western-flavored music video for Andrew Farriss’ ‘Come Midnight’ was released on Friday. The song keeps to his early roots, remembering it’s always about the music. ‘Come Midnight’ is the first track from a soon to be released full length album.

“I played some guitar riffs in Australia and then tracked other parts in the US. I’ve been really lucky to have an amazing group of musicians to work with,” said Andrew Farriss. The song was influenced by Farriss’ wife Marlina, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. Andrew Farriss hopes to release a full album of his country-inspired music in January.

Via Tone Deaf