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The Gallagher Brothers Are Fighting Again, As Liam Claims Noel Will Sue Over Use Of Oasis Footage

Liam Gallagher Made The Claim In A Tweet Regarding His New Documentary, ‘As It Was’

February 18, 2019

The Gallagher brothers are at it again, and this time legal action may be involved. Liam Gallagher, one half of the legendary Britpop band, Oasis, sent out a tweet on Monday, claiming his brother, Noel, is threatening to sue him, if the singer uses Oasis footage in an upcoming documentary. The two brothers have been going at it for years, and now with a new documentary coming out soon about Liam Gallagher’s career, post Oasis; it seems the brothers are starting yet another fight.

Liam Gallagher will be putting out a documentary, ‘As It Was,’ later this year. The film will follow the singer’s career post Oasis, as he built a second career with his band, Beady Eye, and as a solo artist. While there is currently no release date for the film, based on recent tweets by Liam, there may still be some more editing to do.

In his tweet, Liam Gallagher wrote, “Ive just been informed that I’ll be sued by the not so mighty little fella and his goons at ignition if I use any footage of me singing oasis yes oasis songs in AS IT WAS.” Liam would follow up the tweet, with another, this time going after his brother once again for missing the ‘One Love Manchester’ benefit concert.

In the second tweet, Liam claimed, “So it’s the footage of me singing live forever at the one love concert that’s upset team NG maybe it’s the shame of the not so mighty little fella not showing up because he was too busy supping bubbles on a dingy with what’s her face.” While Noel has remained quiet during this new fight between brothers, plenty of fans have shared their input via social media. One twitter user wrote, “Posted 15 mins before Noel’s tickets went on sale. If it wasn’t war before, it is now.”

While the Gallagher brothers remain estranged, the music of Oasis continues to live on. Both Noel and Liam have had separate success performing since their split. Fans will continue to hope that one day the two will get back together as Oasis, but based on this most recent fight, it doesn’t seem that will be coming any time soon.