Why Your Dog Follows You To The Toilet And Other Doggy Behaviors Explained

Check Out The Real Meaning Behind The Strange Things Your Dog Does

May 8, 2019

Anyone with a dog knows an owner will obsess over every weird behavior their dogs do. Whether it’s cute or questionable, they always wonder what it actually means. Here are some things dogs do, and the reason why they do it.

Puppy dog eyes are more than a dog just trying to show off their cuteness. When a dog gives its owner those puppy eyes it’s not only the dog showing the owner their love, but also trying to build greater trust. This is also why a dog follows you around, even to the bathroom. It is their instinct to be with you at all times.

Dog cuddles are a great way to end the day, but there are actual meanings to why the dog is cuddling up to their owner. Some dogs like to cuddle after a meal, and while you don’t want to mess with a dog while its eating, after the meal the dog just wants to show you they are totally comfortable.

Another thing many dogs do is lifting up a front paw to their owner. The dog is not asking to shake your hand, but instead is letting their owner know they are ready to play. While there is no telling what your dog is doing all the time, these things may help an owner understand all those adorable dog actions.

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