Here Are Some Phrases Only Southerners Understand

Some Of The Best Examples of Southern Slang

August 7, 2019


For those from the southern part of the United States, venturing north can be like visiting a foreign country sometimes. The language spoken in the south is only understood by those that use it, and it often confuses those that don’t. Here are some of the best slang terms southerners use that the rest of the country just doesn’t understand.

One of the most common phrases heard in the south is “bless your heart.” While some may see this as one deploying sincerity, when used in the south it is often said with a bit of disapproval. Usually, it is accompanied by a slight shake of the head. Another classic southern slang term is “Fixin’ to.” Others may use “going to” or another variation of doing something, but in the south getting anything done is changed to “fixin’ to.”

When giving directions, those in the south don’t believe in exact distances. When giving direction in the south you simply give a point and say “over yonder.” This may be confusing to others, but understood across the south. Then there’s “I reckon.” This is one of the more versatile southern slang terms. It can replace “I guess,” “I suppose,” “I think,” and even “I imagine.”

Some other southern classics include; “hush your mouth,” “well, I declare,” “hold your horses,” and “'til the cows come home.” While there is no shortage of southern slang, it can get pretty confusing for those not from the south. Luckily, southerners understand, and the rest will just have to use the internet to catch up.

Via Southern Living