New Study Claims Texans Have A Higher Rate Of Road Rage Than The Rest Of The Country

December 10, 2019

Joe Raedle / Staff


You ever notice how people outside of Texas are always commenting about how scary it is drive here?  

Well there might be a good reason for that. 

According to a new research study by Austin based insurance comparison company Zebra, Texans admit to aggresive driving and road rage at a higher rate when compared to everyone else.  

In fact 87% of Texans admit to engaging in behavior that is considered road rage such as certain hand gestures, yelling, or doing something to make another driver feel unsafe.  Nationally, tailgating seems to be common cause of road rage but in Texas, it's distracted driving that tends to send people over the edge.  

Texas resident Kristen Abelenda, who commutes on I-35 daily commented on distracted drivers saying, “You can notice because they kind of swerve into your lane a little bit and kind of correct themselves once they notice.”  

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