Texas Lands On Top Five Of Worst Drivers By State List

New Study Looked At DUI Rates, Uninsured Drivers, And A Number Of Other Factors To Determine Worst Driving State

July 25, 2019


Everyone complains about the drivers in their state, but is it really worse than driving somewhere else? Wherever you go the roads can be pretty dangerous, but a new study found some states are safer than others. Looking at a number of factors, financial advice website, SmartAsset.com, found that Texas is in the top five worst driving states.

The study looked at each states number of uninsured drivers, highway fatality rates, and DUI arrests to determine the most dangerous states to drive. The people at SmartAsset.com also looked at how often locals would search information on speeding and traffic tickets. When all the numbers were calculated, the study found that Mississippi was the worst driving state.

This was the second year in a row for Mississippi, with only 76.3 percent of drivers insured, 3.72 DUI arrests per 1,000 residents and 1.69 fatalities for every 100 million miles driven. Coming in second was Alabama, followed by California, and then a tie between Florida, Nevada and Texas.

Nevada was the only newcomer into the top 10 this year, as it took the spot of New Mexico. On the other side, the best drivers can be found in Massachusetts. While this study doesn’t shine the ebst light on the state of Texas, at least it didn’t land in the number one spot.

Via Fox News