Harry Potter Props

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Parents Looking For Tutor To Dress Up As Professor Snape And Teach Harry Potter Themed Lessons

May 13, 2019

These parents really want their child to pass science class. 

Parents in the UK posted an ad on a tutoring site with a strange set of requirements. They’re seeking a science tutor to teach their son Harry Potter themed science lessons. 

They ask that you dress up as Professor Snape when teaching chemistry, Professor Sprout when teaching Biology and Madam Hooch when teaching physics. Not weird at all. The parents are looking for someone who will “put 100% effort into the lessons, basically transforming our kitchen into Hogwarts!" 

According to the ad the tutor must be well versed in the Potterverse, must be someone who can create Harry Potter themed lesson plans so that their child can enjoy his studies, must carry props for the classes such as wands and quills and must have at least four years of experience teaching science. 

This dream job pays fairly well; the parents are willing to pay their tutor about $98 an hour plus any added extras. They’ll need to teach their son for about an hour a week, on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings. 

Do you meet their requirements?

Via: FOX 4 News