[Video] Teenagers Struggle To Use Rotary Phone

Parents Test Their Kids To Try And Figure Out How To Use Rotary Phone, And The Results Are Hilarious

May 8, 2019

In the age of cell phones, most kids probably would be thrown off by a landline phone. Throw in a rotary phone, and forget about it! Two parents recently tested their kids to see if they could figure out how to use this ancient apparatus, and the results are hilarious!

In the video posted to Reddit, the parents task their children with figuring out how to dial a phone number using a rotary phone. While this may seem simple to some, the children struggled with using the now ancient phone. As one Reddit commenter said, “Lifting and dropping the handset to reset every time they figure a new approach is precious.”

Although it took them the entire video, the kids eventually got it! One of them did give up at the very end, but at least they figured it out. While this may not be the most encouraging video, at least the rotary phone is long gone.

Via Reddit