Anthony Behar

[Video] Paul Rudd “Slappa Da Bass” While Rocking Out To Foo Fighters At Pre Super Bowl Show

A Fan Recorded The Actor Head Banging While Watching The Show From The Balcony

February 7, 2019

Paul Rudd is no stranger to rocking out, and showing the world his air-band skills. The man who brought the world the phrase, “slappa da bass” has rocked out in movies, on television, and even in public. That’s why it was no surprise when Rudd was caught head banging recently at a Foo Fighters concert. The video posted online shows Rudd enjoying the show, and fans have never been able to relate to the actor more.

The Foo Fighters were in Atlanta doing a pre-Super Bowl show, and Paul Rudd, who was in town to present an award at the NFL Honors that same weekend, decided to take in the show. In the video, Rudd is shown rocking out on the balcony, while the band plays a version of The Ramones, ‘Blitzkrieg Bop.’ Based on the video, it looks like Rudd might have preferred being on the floor, ready to jump into a mosh pit.

The originally video made its way to the internet, and fans were quick to react to Paul Rudd’s head banging. Where the internet normally loves to bash a celebrity caught on camera, everyone seemed to agree, Rudd looked like the life of the party.

One twitter user wrote, “one man deserves rights and his name is Paul Rudd.” Plenty of others chimed in, wishing they could place themselves in Rudd’s shoes that night. While the performance of Foo Fighters surely was great, many are calling the video of Paul Rudd rocking out, legendary. Another twitter user wrote, “I don’t personally know Paul Rudd, but I trust him.”

From all accounts Foo Fighters put on an incredible show that night, and that seems clear based on Paul Rudd’s reaction. The actor seemed happy, and showed though he’s famous he’s just like everyone else. He’s just trying to rock out to some good music, and enjoy the show while being in his own world! I’m sure he couldn’t help but yell out a few, “slappa da bass’” as well.