Very Demanding Dog Orders Burger At Upscale Restaurant

A Photo Of The Receipt With Detailed Instructions On How To Prepare Burger Has Gone Viral

May 30, 2019


Anyone that has worked in the restaurant industry has dealt with their fair share of demanding customers, but not too many people have experienced that customer being a dog. A chef at an upscale restaurant in New York recently got a very detailed order, but was surprised when the receipt mentioned it was for a dog, not once, but twice.

The chef has plenty to read through with these heavily detailed instructions. Apparently, the dog wasn’t interested in flavor, as the order asked for a plain burger patty; no seasoning, no toppings, just the burger cooked medium-rare. The photo was shared by a friend of the chef, and has quickly gone viral.

As many social media users pointed out, this does seem a bit odd of a request at an upscale New York restaurant. While demanding orders are normal in the restaurant industry, it is a bit strange to see the order coming from a dog. It is unknown at this time if the dog was satisfied with its meal.

Via Fox News