New Texas Law Makes It Illegal To Send Unsolicited Photos Of “Intimate Parts”

The Bill Was Introduced By Rep. Morgan Meyer, And Signed By Governor Abbott This Week

June 14, 2019

Greg Abbott is at it again; this time signing a bill into law that makes sending unsolicited genitalia photos a crime. The bill, which was created by Texas state Rep. Morgan Meyer, was first introduced after Meyer was approached by the founder of dating app, Bumble, when lewd photos had become a “"crisis and an issue" on the app.

The new law makes sending unsolicited photos of one’s “intimate parts” a misdemeanor, and could lead to a fine of up to $500. The law does not just include uncovered genitalia, but “covered genitals of a male person that are in a discernibly turgid state" as well. The law also includes photos of women’s intimate parts, but a complaint would need to be filed first.

Morgan Meyer says they understand the challenges of enforcing this law, but “this bill is intended to serve as a deterrent as well in keeping people aware that sending unsolicited lewd photos will now be a crime and will not be tolerated as a message we want to send.”

Many on social media praised this new bill, as unsolicited photos of genitalia will surely be deterred thanks to this new law. If someone receives an unwanted inappropriate photo, they can now contact local law enforcement. Hopefully, this new law works and less photos of “intimate parts” will be sent without warning.

Via Dallas Observer