Woman Sent To Hospital After Taking Photo With Octopus On Her Face

The Woman Was Hoping For A Prize-Winning Photo During A Fishing Derby

August 8, 2019


Taking pictures with animals sounds like a great idea, but they don’t always end as planned. A woman in Washington recently learned that lesson the hard way when she tried to take a prize-winning photo with an octopus. The woman placed the octopus on her face, and ended up with pain and a trip to the hospital.

Jamie Bisceglia was participating in a fishing derby last Friday in the South Sound near Tacoma Narrows Bridge when she took the now viral octopus photo. A few men also participating in the derby snagged the octopus, and Bisceglia asked the men for it to “eat it for dinner.”

She also asked the men to take a photo of her with the octopus, saying “It’s soft, it’s squishy, it doesn’t feel like it can hurt you -- I put it on my face.” According to Bisceglia, the photo was taken right as the octopus began to attack. When she was finally able to pull the octopus off, she was in paid, bleeding, and two days later, eventually needed to go the hospital.

Of course, Bisceglia did eventually get her revenge on the octopus. She claims in between the attack and her hospital trip, she went to a friend’s house and ate the octopus for dinner. According to doctors, the swelling could last for months. Maybe next time, she’ll just take a picture near the animal.

Via Fox News