Wendy’s Announces Spicy Chicken Nuggets Will Be Back Earlier Than Expected

The Fan Favorite Will Return To All Locations August 12th

August 8, 2019

Justin Sullivan / Staff

Back in May, Chance The Rapper sent out a tweet to Wendy’s requesting they bring back spicy chicken nuggets. Wendy’s responded with a promise to bring them back. Now, the fast food chain has responded to its own request on twitter, and will be bringing back the spicy chicken nuggets earlier than expected.

On Wednesday, Wendy’s official twitter page sent out a tweet asking “Hey Wendy’s, any chance we can get them sooner?” While many were confused by this tweet, the fast food chain quickly responded to its own tweet with an answer. The reply read, “Ok! Spicy Chicken Nuggets will now be back in all restaurants THIS MONDAY! Get ready.”

Starting Monday, August 12th, all Wendy’s locations will be selling spicy chicken nuggets again. The item was originally taken off the menu in 2017, but thanks to fan requests, and the original push by Chance the Rapper, the spicy nuggets are now back.

Many fans were excited by this news, and some even got replies from the fast food chain. One person even asked it Wendy’s could bring the spicy nuggets back even sooner, but the fast food chain wouldn’t budge. Still, fans of Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets are definitely happy, as they will be back a week earlier than expected.

Via Fox News