Paul Drinkwater/NBC via USA TODAY NETWORK

Matt Damon Portrays Fiery Brett Kavanaugh on SNL Season Opener

October 1, 2018

Saturday Night Live's 44th season premiered 48 hours after the biggest story of the year.

And Matt Damon was hired to portray Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

Damon enters the chamber, breathing heavy and looking furious. He refers to himself a "keg is half-full kind of guy" - one of many beer references throughout the 13-minute sketch. 

The sketch poked fun at Kavanaugh's diary-like 1982 calendars from the period in question and the meaning of slang notations in his high school yearbook. 

SNL cast members played noted U.S. senators in the sketch - including Kate McKinnon as Lindsey Graham. SNL alum Rachel Dratch made a surprise appearance as Amy Klobuchar, a senator with whom Kavanaugh had a memorable exchange.