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Mom Arrested And Charged With Larceny After Confiscating Daughter's Cell Phone For Bad Behavior

September 21, 2018

Jodie May was just trying to teacher her daughter a lesson.

The Michigan mother confiscated her daughter April's cell phone after some bad behavior in school.  Little did she know she would wind up in court because of it.

Five months after her act of discipline, May faced larceny charges and a potential 93-day jail sentence.  For trying to discipline her daughter.  May said, "I was just being a mom, a concerned parent and disciplining my daughter."  The waters got a little muddy when May's ex-husband claimed ownership of the phone, and she had no right to steal his property away from their daughter.  He filed a complaint with the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department, claiming his ex-wife stole his phone.

Thankfully, five months after the incident, the prosecutors are signing a different tune.  Initially, the cell phone was reported as belonging to the ex-husband.  Now, they say the daughter had ownership, changing the narrative completely.  Even though, from the very beginning, we've thought it was just a mother placing a very reasonable punishment on her child, but we're not a court of law.  Sarah Matwiejczyk, assistant prosecutor said "I've had an opportunity to discuss this case with the victim in this case, or at least the person we believed owned the property.  I believe that changes the case significantly.  Therefore we're requesting that the charges be dismissed."

Of course, May thinks this whole process was ridiculous.  She said, "I think it's ridiculous.  I do.  I can't believe I had to be put through it, my daughter had to be put through it, my family.  I'm very surprised, but I'm very happy with the outcome."

Via News4SA