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The Most-Banned Songs At Weddings Include "YMCA," "The Chicken Dance," And "Macarena"

July 26, 2018

If you've ever been part of a wedding, you know there are specific things the bride and groom "do" and "do not" want, and these requests extend all the way down to the type of music played at the reception.

Some might argue that's the most important part of the wedding, because that's what most people will always remember first, right?  And besides, its the bride and groom's (bride's) special day, so they (she) should be able to pinpoint down to the exact detail how their (her) wedding will play out.

That being said, FiveThirtyEight recently comprised a list of the songs most banned at weddings, and some of these hurt us to the core.  And it appears that if the song is accompanied by a choreographed dance, chances are it's on this list.  

The most banned songs include:

FiveThirtyEight spoke to over two dozen professional DJs who have worked hundreds of weddings to find their data, and we can definitely conclude that the people who banned these songs just don't want to have fun.

Via Huffington Post