The Mystery Of The Montana Werewolf Is Finally Solved As DNA Tests Comes Back

June 19, 2018

Remember back in May when images of that large, weird looking werewolf came out. Well, we finally know exactly what it is.

The animal was shot by a rancher outside of Denton, Montana. The Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks took photos that show the animal with some unusual features. It possessed long grayish-brown fur, a large head, and snout; its ears looked larger than average, and its legs and body seemed a little short to be your average wolf.

A DNA test was sent to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service forensic laboratory in Ashland, Oregon in order to determine what kind of animal this really is. Now the tests are back. With thousands of different DNA samples from wolves, coyotes, and dogs the agency was able to determine that the werewolf-like creature is really a gray wolf from the northern Rocky Mountains.

The Montana FWP says the confusion of the animals identify may have come from its odd appearance in the photos. Another mystery solved.