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National Park Has Mountain Goats Airlifted Out Because They Crave Human Pee Too Much

September 28, 2018

Olympic National Park located up in Washington state has got a bit of an odd problem.  

The mountain goat population there has acquired a strong taste for human pee.  And because of this, they are now being forced to remove the large goat population before it causes any more problems.    

Now we know what you're thinking.  How are these animals getting said human urine?  Well, it mostly comes off the ground from people who have relieved themselves while walking all the different hiking trails the park as to offer. 

But why human pee??  Apparently our urine contains a hefty source of salt and minerals that these mountain goats love and crave.   

The reason why this is a problem other than just being gross?  Urine causes an effect to the goat's behavior.  "Mountain goats can be a nuisance along trails and around wilderness campsites where they persistently seek salt and minerals from human urine, packs, and sweat on clothing. They often paw and dig areas on the ground where hikers have urinated or disposed of cooking wastewater."

And other than the goats causing a negative affect on the environment from so much "pawing and digging",  there are serious safety concerns.  For example, a hiker that was gored to death in 2010 after encountering a herd of goats.  "The nature of mountain goat-human interactions can vary widely, such as humans observing mountain goats from several hundred meters away across a ridge, mountain goats approaching visitors, hazing events and hazardous interactions such as the October 2010 fatality."

-story via yahoo.com