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Netflix Considering Purchasing Theater Chain To Stream Films On Big Screen

April 20, 2018

From the smallest of screens to the biggest, you soon might be able to watch original content from Netflix in movie theaters across the country.

That is, if everything goes according to plan for the streaming service.  Netflix is considering purchasing its own chain of movie theaters in order to get their films on the big screen.  The company was initially in talks with Mark Cuban to buy his Landmark Theater Chain, but that deal fell through.  Now, the service is first looking at acquiring theater space in New York and Los Angeles.

While the company has considered purchasing theaters in the past, there is no doubt their films being snubbed at major awards show has some part to play in their plans now.  Netflix was effectively shut out from this year's Cannes Film Festival after Cannes artistic director Thierry Frémaux implemented a rule requiring all films needing to be screened in French theaters in order to be eligible for the Palme d’Or award.  Academy Award winning director Steven Spielberg even compared Netflix original films to "TV movies," and firmly believes they shouldn't be eligible for major film awards.  

The Oscars currently require films see a theatrical release in order to gain eligibility, and major movie theater chains won't carry a film without an exclusive theatrical window.  Netflix has given some its films limited run dates in the past, but has only stuck to a day-and-date structure.  While the films were released in theaters, they were also available to stream on their platform at the same time. 

Amazon has already seen success releasing it's original films into theaters, with Manchester by the Sea receiving a nomiation for Best Film at the 89th Academy Awards, so Netflix might find some success in this venture.  The streaming service has declined to comment on the matter.

Via The Verge