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New Fan Theory Suggests Harry Potter Was A Jock And Not A Nerd

June 25, 2018

Over the weekend, a new fan theory has sprung up on Reddit that brings a whole new idea about the kind of person Harry Potter is.  

In the thread labeld ShowerThoughts, the theory suggests, "Harry Potter isnt a nerd, he is a jock. He didnt try very hard in school, cheated on homework constantly, was a sports star, and ended up joining the police/military."

Definitely a new way to view everyone's favorite wizard.  Over the years, Harry Potter always seemed to be some what of a nerd.  Probably due to the broken glasses and his awkward behavior at times.  But if you really begin to analyze and think about it, it begins to make some sense.  As the theory quickly spread across the web, more fans began to join in and point out more facts that could support this theory.  One Reddit user brought up the fact that Harry was a rich kid, and never really faced any consequences for his actions.  One fan even made the argument that Hermione was the nerd.  And if you'll remember, it was even shown at one point in the franchise that his father James Potter was a known jock type among his peers.   

According to another fan, Harry was only a nerd in the first book saying, "It's actually the whole purpose to show him basically being the weird kid in the muggle world, but basically a hero in the real world. It is indeed a weird shower thought as the whole intent there is to show that there opened up a world where he isn't the weird nerdy guy."

We have a lot to think about now, considering these points kind of make sense.

-source via eonline.com