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People Worried Some Might Confuse Texas Strip Club Called "Emergency Room" With Actual Emergency Room

October 4, 2018

A strip club in San Antonio hasn't even opened, and it already has the surrounding community up in arms.  

Some people fear the name of the club will confuse people, and are demanding it to be changed.  They feel they name "Emergency Room" will confuse some people into thinking it is an actual emergency room.  We think we can see where they're coming from.  

Michael Shannon, the city's development services director, said the club can only be forced to pay a $300 fine for erecting a sign without a permit.  They cannot control what the sign says, however.  "Our city and state code does not have any regulation on the sign content," he said.  

After speaking with club owners, Shannon did relay they understood the concerns some citizens might have, and they'll look into possible solutions.  Shannon said, "I mean, when someone brought that up and said someone could be confused to think it is an emergency clinic or a hospital-type facility, we could see that a little bit.  It is kind of in that gray area, so we want them to be clear."