Blue Building

Photo by Xinhua/Sipa USA

One New Yorker Grabbed His Samurai Sword Incase The Blue Light In The Sky Turned Out To Be Aliens

December 28, 2018

Around 9 PM on Thursday, an odd blue glow lit up the New York sky and could be seen from Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

According to officials, the flash came from a transformer. No, it wasn’t an Autobot, but an electrical transformer. A faulty piece of equipment was charged with 138,000 volts of electricity and caused a rare phenomenon called an “electrical arc flash”. 

Upon seeing the strange blue light in the sky, one New Yorker jumped to his feet and declared that the aliens were coming. 26-year-old Spencer Pesce lives close to the Con Edison power plant, where the transformer exploded. “I swear to God, I thought it was aliens. It also looked like a nuke attack.”

Check out some of the footage below.

Pesce told the New York Post that he ran into his parent’s bedroom and shouted ‘get up!’ Pesce says he was prepared and grabbed his samurai sword and boots. “I grabbed a samurai sword and left it by my door, put my boots on and went outside. If it was aliens, I was going to defend my family.”

The blue light illuminated the sky for about two minutes, and then it was gone.“It was pretty scary,” Pesce said. “I was prepared with my samurai sword just in case the aliens were hostile.” One person was on sight at the power plant, no injuries were reported.

After looking at videos of the blue sky, the first thing that does come to mind is aliens.